Am I Pregnant: Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

When did you first realize you were pregnant? For me a self proclaimed "mother hopeful" I spent the first few weeks of pregnancy convincing myself one way or the other. That month before I could take the pregnancy test was like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. It was awful. One day I was sure I was having a baby, the next I was sure I wasn't. What was even worse was the result of the test.

The first pregnancy test I took was clear a big fat "NO!" Really?!?, really???? It couldn't be! I had all the symptoms of early pregnancy. I knew what to look for. My nose was working on overdrive, my breasts were sore, I had taken ample opportunity during the ovulation window...and my period was ONE day late. (I have to admit: that wasn't abnormal.) But when that test came back negative I was devastated. I really wanted a baby, afterall I had already nearly read through What to Expect When You're Expecting.

A few days later, the day after Christmas 2007, I decided to take another HPT. So what if it was my 5th or 6th in a month. I NEEDED to know! Standing in the bathroom I peed on the stick. My husband refused to let me look at the results until the 2 to 5 minutes, or whatever it is, was up. He stood there with his foot just an inch away from the test, covering it so I couldn't peek at the results. When the time was up, he slowly moved his foot....and WHAT??? did I see two pink lines? One was clearly pink, the other could have been a figment of my imagination...but it sure looked like it was there to me, mother hopeful. I ran around our bathroom screaming "I think it may be true, I think it may be true." Now, I'm in a predicament though. I worked overnight shifts, at the time, and had to go to work in an hour. But I also HAD to know for sure and there was no way this could wait until morning. So I ran to the store, picked up a digital pregnancy test and ran the results again. This time there was NO mistaking...it said "PREGNANT" loud and clear. 

We were having a baby! 

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