Master Bedroom Makeover REVEAL: From drab to fab on a budget

Well it's been a few weeks...and I'm finally ready to show you our new master bedroom.  I am so thrilled with it because I finally feel like it's a relaxing, organized, and beautiful space.  Many of the projects I've been documenting with DIY tutorials on our brand new Two It Yourself blog so I won't go through all the details here, but if you are interested you can click the links to jump over to the tutes.

And without further ado here are the pictures of our newly redone master bedroom.  

To start, here's a panoramic view...
Panoramic view

Let's start with where the bed used to be and work our way around with before and after pictures of the details.

Before: Queen bed between windows

The dresser was moved between the windows
Our new king size bed did not fit between the windows like our queen did so we had to flip it and put it on the opposite wall.  In it's place we put the low dresser with mirror.  After we did this, we realized just how much space in our bedroom we'd been wasting.  Not to mention how much bigger the room seems with the lighter paint color. 

I created a vingette out of special items I wanted to display and put that on the dresser.  I love how it adds a little color, dimension, and personality to the room.

Click here for tips and tricks on creating the perfect vignette for any space.

In the corner where we had the floor mirror, we added a new Ikea chair to create a little reading and relaxing nook.  I also moved my jewelry armorer to that corner.  As you can see, I also replaced the heavy drapers with sheer white panels -- this time two panels on each window.  I love how airy and romantic they make the room. I did use the same curtain rods, but took down the tie backs.
The chair I purchased at Ikea for $99 and added the upholstery nails so it would match the upholstered headboard I made.  Here's a picture of what it looked like before:  

And a closer look at it after.... (For the easy Ikea chair makeover tutorial click here.) 


That floor lamp is actually the same one that we already had the room.  I just moved it and replaced the shade with an upside down drum shade that I also picked up at Ikea for $9.99. I did not intend to use the lamp shade this way, but it worked out and I like the look so why not?  You can see the original lamp in this picture below:
I actually sold my makeup vanity because I never do my makeup anywhere except the bathroom any more.  I had used it in our old house, but now it was just collecting dust and taking up space.  We moved my husband's tall dresser flat against that wall freeing up the corner.  I then tucked the floor mirror in that corner.

Where the low dresser was, now sits our bed.  We only have one nightstand because that's all we've had room for in the past.  But now with our new set up we have plenty of room for a second nightstand.  I am still in the process of finding and refinishing just the perfect trash to treasure find.

Before: Please excuse Yo Gabba Gabba and the unkempt dresser
Still in need of some height on either side of the bed...
Without the windows on either side of the bed, I feel like there's something missing so I am still in search of something to add a little height on the walls on either side of the bed -- not to mention a way to brighten it up a little.   I had made a wooden sign to hang, but it was snatched up and so I'm on a mission to create something perfect for the space.

Here's a closer look at the DIY drop cloth upholstered headboard that my sister and I made for just over $150.  The man who delivered the bed couldn't understand why the company shipped the bed and the headboard separately.  His jaw dropped when I told him how we made it to which he replied, "That exact thing sells for $1500." 

For the DIY upholstered headboard tutorial click here.

I also made a linen-looking bed skirt out of left over drop cloth.  It looks very similar to the $200+ Pottery Barn version.  Click here for the 5 minute no sew bed skirt tutorial.

The throw pillows on the bed and on the reading chair out of the extremely large pillow shams that came with the comforter.  Click here for the DIY throw pillow tutorial

On either side of the bed I have table lamps -- both of which I made out of glass jars I purchased at TJ Maxx and lamp kits. 

For the no-drill/cut glass lamp tutorial click here.

On the wall immediately to the left of the bedroom door are our two un-Godly small reach and grab closets.  They're also newly organized and are much more functional now.  Check this post out for some small closet organization ideas and to find out exactly how I made that space much more functional. 

And here's one last look at our new grey and white master bedroom makeover.

I made over our master bedroom on a budget turning many of the project into DIYers.  By far the largest purchase, aside from our new Sleep Number bed, was the bedding which I scored on sale for half price -- at $200.  Click here for more details on how I kept this master bedroom on a budget of less than $800 - including new lamps, a new king size headboard, paint, all new bedding, a reading chair, and accessories. 

Full list of Master Bedroom DIY Projects:
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