New Mama Round 2

So....it's been awhile. Okay it's been a LOOOOONNNNNGGG while...but I'm thinking of bringing the blog back. I'm technically no longer a "new mama" -  my first born just turned 3 years old. However, I'm trying this new mama thing out all over again. We added a son to the bunch in May and I gotta say it's not much easier the second time around.

Despite having been through it before I still find myself questioning almost everything. Why he won't sleep, why he won't eat, is he gaining too fast, why does he have cradle cap - still, why does he have a hydrocele and when will it go away or will it require surgery, why won't he sleep longer than 30 minutes at nap time, why won't he stop crying in the car ... you get my point.  And then there's that one big WHEN - when will I start getting a full night sleep again?
Anyway my brain is fried right now so I will leave you with a few pictures of my two loves.

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Joanna said...

Yes! Please bring it back!!!! Still playing catch up on the old but would live to read the new! I think I could learn a lot especially since our sons are only three months behind yours:-)

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