Easy Thanksgiving craft project for toddlers

There's no way I'm missing out on the fridge art that comes with having a child in daycare or pre-school. In the six weeks or so that my daughter was in daycare last year (it was around the holidays) my then three month old brought home at least three art projects. Don't ask me how a three month old makes an art project.

Now, while I'm not the artsiest person in the world...I am somewhat crafty.  And of course, as a mom, I want to display my daughter's master pieces.  My girlfriend, a former kindergarten teacher turned SAHM has thank goodness, come to the rescue and helped me spruce up my fridge.

She hosted our playgroup last week and had a little art project planned for six one year olds. Sounds brave, huh? (I just set out all the toys, she got out the paint!) Anyway, the idea was to make hand print turkeys.  It only took a few minutes (ideal for toddlers) and there wasn't much to it (ideal for moms).  They came out so cute. Take a look! 

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