If it's not swine flu it's....

Thank goodness poor baby doesn't have swine flu. Not that anyone really thought she did. But the coughing and runny nose took us back to her pediatrician for about the 8th time this month.  I swear my daughter sees him more than she sees her grandparents. And everytime she welcomes him with her signature wave and "Bye-bye." 
This time it wasn't the throat. It's her ear...again. And it's bronchitis
Oh, and the best part is she finished antibiotic for a sinus infection on Friday, she woke up with the cough on Saturday. It's like her little body knows, "Haha, nothing is protecting me now...let me see what other ailment I can pick up."  
I did want to warn you all about what my pediatrician said...and please remember, this his advice not mine (although b/c of Olivia's history I'm going to follow it):
  • Get your child the seasonal flu shot
  • Get your child the H1N1 vaccine (he called it the worst "epidemic" he's seen)
  • Wash their hands often with wipes or soap and water. Limit the anti bacterial gel since it has alcohol in it 
  • Wash down toys often
While I refuse to force Olivia (and, quite frankly, myself) to live in a bubble called "home" I am going to try to limit the number of public places we go that could be infested with sick kids. I like taking her to indoor play areas, the library, and other places she can interact with children, but I'm going to cut back a little while this flu season. Although I think it's important to realize my daughter, and yours, can get sick anywhere...bringing a book home from the library, a restaurant high chair, a grocery cart, a dirt shoe that goes from the mall floor to your child's hands...on and on and on.

Have your kids been healthy so far this season? What's their/your best line of defense? Leave a comment below! 

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bestmommy said...

Oh, that poor sweet baby! I know how difficult it can be to keep their hands clean and try to prevent toys and other things from going in their mouths, especially while teething. 3 out of 4 of our kids has had swine flu over the past month. The vaccine was not available here before they got sick. My oldest was given Tamiflu since she has asthma and the doctor did not want that acting up. With the other 2 kids I was told to just give them OTC meds. Luckily they bounced back in 4-5days. The fever lasted 2-3days and another day or two for rest and they were back to business as usual. Our elementary school has put a germ fighting plan into effect with frequent handwashing and dissinfecting of desks, lunch tables etc. and I send everyone into the bathroom to wash hands when they walk in the door after school and before they eat anything. You can only do so much, so don't blame yourself. Best wishes to you and Olivia for a speedy recovery!

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