The Frugal Texter: Send Free Text Messages by Email

I admit, I am probably one of the last people with a cell phone to not have a text messaging plan. I just don't text very often...perhaps because I don't have a texting plan. But now, the frugal mama in me has found a way to send free text messages.

It's so simple all you do is type the text message like you would an email. Now, don't go crazy and type paragraph after paragraph (that's called a phone call), but you can type up to 160 characters. If you get a little long winded that's fine too. Just send another free text message! I LOVE THIS! Where you would normally type the email address type the person's 10 digit phone number and the wireless carrier's email text extension. Here's a little more help when sending to Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless and Cingular customers.

Send Free Text Messages to Verizon Wireless Phones
Sending Free Text Messages to AT&T Customers
Email Free Text Messages to Cingular Customers

Text away, Frugal Texters!!!

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