Little Giggles

My daughter has been in a cranky mood the past few days. She got one of her vaccinations yesterday and she's teething. So the combination isn't a good one for mama and dad!  We like to say she has "cranky pants."

I was standing at my sink tonight cleaning up from dinner. My husband was in the other room trying to entertain my daughter; anything to keep her from crying. He was in there singing some song he was making up as he went along. Then I heard the first one. A little giggle. Then another and another. Now she was full out laughing. My nearly 5 month old daughter was laughing at the silly song my husband was singing to her. He was laughing at her laughing. Then I heard him say "This is awesome...thanks, honey, you just made my day."

All the cranky pants were worth it to hear her little giggles and this exchange between the two of them. 

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joanne said...

Isn't that just the best?

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