Losing Pregnancy Weight

It takes 9 months to put it on and many people will tell you it never all comes off. Pregnancy weight. The first trimester of my pregnancy I actually lost weight.  While I never had morning sickness, I barely had an appetite. My stomach would be telling me "I'm hungry" but it would also be screaming "eww, don't even think of eating that!" My lack of weight gain concerned me, how could my baby be growing and developing if I wasn't gaining weight. But as everyone promised, the weight finally did catch up with me. 
      5.5 weeks       12 weeks                           27 weeks
I gained about 22 pounds with my daughter who was 5 lbs, 14 oz when she was born. 

Of course, I lost about 10 pounds immediately after delivery and then returned home baby in tow, but still looking 6 months pregnant (and a few stretch marks to go along with the belly).  

I still have a membership to my local gym even though I haven't been there since I was about 5 months pregnant. I was too tired, working the overnight shift and busy getting ready for my baby. Now I'm a busy new mom who is lucky to get a shower some days, let alone get away for an hour or two to workout. 

But I have found a way to lose the pregnancy weight in about 5 months without stepping into the gym. Almost immediately after my daughter was born I started taking her on walks in the stroller. I was lucky enough that the weather was warm when my baby was born so I could walk with her outside. I walked everyday while I was on maternity leave. I'm also breastfeeding which I swear has helped me shed pounds quickly and without really trying. Not just because nursing taps into some of your fat reserves, but also because it's forced me to eat as healthy as possible because I know what goes in my mouth, also goes in my daughters.  When I have time, I also pop in a Pilates DVD and do a little weight training and toning with a Swiss ball in my living room. I've also found my baby acts as a great "weight" when I can't squeeze a quick workout in, I just use her to lift up and down a few times. And hey, lugging that carseat around with her in, that's got to be toning some muscles and burning some calories. 
I'm happy to report that 4.5 months after delivery I'm not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight I'm actually a little under...and without hitting the gym or starving myself. Now, don't get me wrong my belly needs a little toning, but that will come with time and work

Oh yeah, and the stretch marks have all but faded!

For more ways to lose pregnancy weight without really trying check out this article.  Here's another article with great ways to workout at home. 

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